New Chess Timer Plus Digital  Clock 




 Quality Digital Timer Chess Clock  NEW IN BOX


Digital clocks were introduced in the 1980s. 
These allowed more sophisticated time controls than are possible with an analog clock.

The Chess Timer Plus Digital Chess Clock is a great all around digital clock that works well for club use or tournament play. 
This digital chess timer features large buttons, 
a giant display, and a sturdy feel. 
It can be set to all tournament settings and includes the delay feature which is becoming more popular 
at chess tournaments
Requires 3 x AA batteries (not included) for use
which give over 1500 hours of operation, LED 
light indicators
to show who is move during the 



 Length  =   8.5"
 Width   =   3.5"
 Height  =   3.5"



  •  Two large five-digit displays

  •  Fits most of standard chess carry bags easily

  •  Includes easy instructions and Delay feature

  •  Pause button

      Programmable default time

      One-button game restart

  •  Easy setting that do not require a manual to figure out

  •  Very stable and sturdy feel

  •  Perfect for blitz and quick chess

Color Available:  Black


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